Progress in Mansfield


Rocky Ridge Farmhouse

The Laura Ingalls Wilder/Rose Wilder Lane Home and Museum has been one of the best of the Laura homesites at having a long term goal and working toward it. Early on they set the goal to buy back all of the land once owned by Laura and Almanzo and now they have repurchased almost the entire thing (the remaining few acres are held by a business unlikely to sell in the near future), they are expanding the extent of their vision. They have worked with a team of architects and designers to create a long term plan for how to develop the site. First up is the visitor center/archive building that will be paid for in part by a USDA Rural Tourism grant. The architectural firm has added it to their portfolio page and you can see the concept drawing now and work is actually underway. Trundlebed Tales recently discovered a video interview with homesite director Jean Coday, click here to bring up the post with the video link and further information.


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3 comments on “Progress in Mansfield
  1. Debi says:

    I remember going there when I was 11 (back in 1976). It was like a pilgrimage for me. To be in the actual house where Laura wrote her books. To see Pa’s real fiddle and Mary’s real organ. It was an incredible moment for me and one of the highlights of my childhood!!

  2. Ann Dahl says:

    Thanks so very much, Sarah, for sharing these drawings with us. They make the future museum seem so much more real now.


  3. Laura says:

    I love how they incorporate the lines of the house and of a barn into the structure. I think my first visit was in 1974–around the time the tv movie premiered. The gift store was in the building on the north side of the road where the rest rooms are.