Ballet in North Carolina

The dangers of a full inbox prevented me from getting this out to you in a timely manner, but I wanted to share. Thanks to Naomi Hattori who sent me these links before the actual performance. I didn’t get it posted in time to give you a chance to go, but even though it’s over, I still wanted to spread the word.

The Chappell Hill, North Carolina ballet has put together a series of original ballets based on children’s stories. Their most recent is based on Laura’s books. Read about it in Chappell Hill Magazine and The Durham News. According to The News the show includes “a blizzard, a near downing and raid of green leotard locusts.” Despite a blizzard of news articles the ballet company doesn’t make themselves very easy to find online and so I wasn’t able to get ahold of them to ask any questions and I’m not entirely sure if this was authorized adaption or not. If it was, you may see it start turning up at a ballet company near you, if it wasn’t this might have been a one time performance.

Did any fans here get to see it? What are your thoughts, should there be a widely performed Laura ballet?

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One comment on “Ballet in North Carolina
  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    I only live 45 minutes from Chapel Hill, NC, but I had not heard of this.