The Laura Community Loses a Friend

The Laura world remembers a devoted friend.

Daniel Rabe, a member of the LIWLRA and LauraPalooza 2012 attendee, passed away unexpectedly in March.

Daniel was an LIW fan of immeasurable enthusiasm. Everyone who attended LauraPalooza will recall his presence, from the ice cream social to the individual sessions to the LIWLRA meeting. He was especially devoted to helping with Camp Laura. Daniel was like Mr. Edwards to the Camp Laura kids. He forfeited many of the conference sessions to be with them as much as possible. One particular memory is of him singing Old Dan Tucker and Pop Goes the Weasel with the kids as he walked with them across campus to the cooking session.



Daniel with Camp Laura attendee, Hope.



Some thoughts that Daniel’s son Ari shared with us:

Thank you so much for your thoughts and warm memories. Me and my siblings called him “Pa” because he wanted to be like Pa Ingalls from the Little House books. And as you know he had a beard and had had it for the majority of his fatherhood life. So when I think of him as being Pa I think of the illustrations in the books of Laura’s Pa who also had a beard. I have very fond memories of reading the Little House Books with him. In going through my dad’s things I found about three complete sets of the Little House books. My oldest cousin said that she remembers being the only grandchild/niece in the family for many years and that my dad gave her a set of Little House books that she still has and cherishes to this day. He came back from your conference with great memories and that books in general were one of his favorites, mix that with his love of kids and being a father figure and you have the perfect combination.



Reading to his granddaughters





While reading some of the tributes that were shared with us, it is obvious that Daniel had a great love of God, family, friends, and laughter (click here to visit the memorial page). He will truly be missed by those who knew him.

UPDATE (4-29-13): For those having trouble clicking into the link to Dan’s memorial page. I’m adding the link:
Hope this works. I’m having no problem getting to the page so I’m not sure what to fix. ~Laura Welser


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5 comments on “The Laura Community Loses a Friend
  1. Julie Frances says:

    Oh, this is such sad news. Dan was very good with the kids. He was willing to help with whatever we needed and you could definitely see that he was enjoying himself in the process. Rest in peace, Dan.

  2. Dolores Rabe says:

    I am Dolores Rabe, and Dan was my son! I am so touched by these tributes, and totally agree! He did have so much compassion , and heart and loved children! Thank you so much for all the comments! Regards, Dolores Rabe

  3. Julie Welch says:

    Dolores, I am so sorry. Daniel was one of the first people that I met at Laurapalooza and I am glad that I did. He almost reminded me of someone right out of one of Laura’s books! He was very kind and I loved his enthusiasm for all things Laura. I pray for peace and comfort for you and his family.

  4. So sorry to hear of Dan’s passing. Ms. Rabe, please accept my deepest condolences on your loss.

  5. Carrie says:

    This is sad news. My prayers and condolences go to Daniel’s family. I first met Daniel at the Ice Cream Social at LP (2012). I could tell that he was excited to be in Mankato and to share in the joy of Laura’s legacy with others. Like a number of participants, I had travelled from abroad to attend LP and didn’t know many people. As a result, I felt a little awkward, uncertain and nervous at times, particularly at the Ice Cream Social. Although he didn’t know me, Daniel went out of his way to say hello and chat. He was warm and friendly and made me feel welcome. I will always remember him for that. Thank you, Daniel and rest well.