Day 3 LauraPalooza July 13 2012

Welcome to Day 3 of LauraPalooza, Friday, July 13, 2012. We have three videos for today. The middle one has a long bit of Barbara Walker’s speech, I hope you enjoy it.

Note that YouTube has started a stabilization feature. It’s still optional, but I activated it on the LauraPalooza videos. It’s made the text screens look odd and I’ve kind of decided that I don’t like it. If you notice problems with voice and lips not syncing or swooping backgrounds it’s because of that feature.

I’ve added a link to Linda Halpin’s interview on a similar topic from the Trundlebed Tales podcast.

LauraPalooza July 13, 2012 Day 3 Part 1

  • Bad luck for Friday 13th
  • Linda Halpin, Quilt Historian
  • Hands On Music: Amber Waves
  • Hands On Quilts: Linda Halpin
  • Hands On Food: Amy Lauter
  • Wendy McClure and Barbara Walker at hands on food

LauraPalooza July 13, 2012 Day 3 Part 2

  • Wendy McClure’s introduction
  • Barbara Walker, author of the Little House Cookbook

LauraPalooza July 13, 2012 Day 3 Part 3

  • Some more greetings
  • Alison Argrim’s show (I didn’t share footage of that, but hope you can see her show yourself soon.)
  • Charlotte Stewart shows up as a surprise at Alison Arngrim’s show
  • Beth Ingalls-Leisses

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