Malone Unveils Schoolhouse

The Almanzo Wilder Farm has finished its replica one-room school project and is unveiling it in a big event with guest speakers this Saturday. Sadly I won’t be going, but board member Connie Neumann is so we look forward to her report. They didn’t share one poster about the event, but a series of images with all you need to know if you can get to New York state, it’s the place to be this weekend. – SSU

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5 comments on “Malone Unveils Schoolhouse
  1. Carole Nebhut says:

    We got a sneak preview of this schoolhouse this afternoon when we were at the Wilder Homestead. It’s looking good! It even has a ramp on the side (I’m always on the lookout for good handicapped accessibility at the homesites). Wish we could be there on Saturday, but that’s just not how our plans worked out. Have fun, those of you who are going!

    • Connie in Colorado says:

      I heard that you were there earlier in the week, Carol. Sorry to have missed you. Barb Hawkins LH Site Tours was there earlier, too. Let’s all keep supporting this wonderful homesite!

      • Carole Nebhut says:

        We were actually with Little House Site Tours in Malone last week, Connie. My 6th trip with them, Alex’s 5th. Great fun traveling through Laura’s world with like-minded people!

  2. Mrswilder says:

    I went on Sunday… It was really fun! There were over 2,000 people there! Wow! I drove up from Virginia to go to it, an 11 hour drive. It was definitely worth it though! Lucy Lee Flippin, Dean Butler, and William Anderson were all so nice! It was a pleasure to get to see them.

  3. Connie in Colorado says:

    I just returned home from my ‘Little New York Trek in the Big Woods’. The whole weekend in Malone was delightful, meeting up with Ann Weller Dahl and Melanie Stringer and visiting with the guests of honor: Dean, Lucy and Bill. It was a picture perfect day for the Wilder Homestead to welcome over 2000 folks. The staff and volunteers of the Association are proud of this new addition to the wonderful farm. Wish everyone could have gone!