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Burr Oak, Iowa

We’re continuing around the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesite towns (with museums) in the order that Laura lived there. Our next stop is Burr Oak, Iowa. While I cautioned you last time that Walnut Grove is smaller than a lot of the homesite towns, Burr Oak is the smallest one that actually boasts a museum.

Burr Oak is a true crossroads town, set back in an oxbow of the highway that circles around it. The museum itself is usually the biggest source of activity in town, although there are at least two active churches and a bar (that serves food). The rest of the town is just homes and a handful of occasional hobby type businesses that aren’t open to the public most of the time. It is, however, just 10 minutes north of Decorah, which is huge by comparison. Decorah offers multiple hotels and bed and breakfasts of all price ranges, a variety of restaurants, one of the busiest downtowns at all hours that you will find in Iowa (worth walking down just to see what one looks like), several museums (including the nationally known Norwegian heritage center, the Vesterheim), and Luther College. They recently invested in trail system that circles the entire town which only adds to their incredible park system that offers several spots, both natural and man-made, that make you think you’ve stepped into a fairytale. The rural area between Burr Oak and Decorah is active too, housing among other things What’s New Antiques and the world famous Seed Savers Exchange.

Check out these resources to help you plan your trip:

Being from Iowa, Burr Oak was the first homesite I visited and I go back a lot. My route to any of the northern homesites CAN reasonably go through Burr Oak, so I make sure it does. I often tell people if you’re planning a trip on a weekend when none of the three sites is having a special event, Burr Oak/Spring Valley/Pepin makes a real nice weekend trip. Back in 2007 they offered this suggestion for including Burr Oak in a 5 Homesite Trip Itinerary (note it hasn’t been updated, but will give you a basic idea).

Find a round up of my posts about Burr Oak on my personal blog here. Some businesses that I enjoy visiting and mention in various blog posts are listed here, find more options on the Official City Website and Chamber of Commerce Website under the appropriate tab (shopping, where to stay, etc.):

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  1. I love Burr Oak! Since Laura didn’t include this period in her novels, the historic site is a special gift for LIW fans.

  2. Deanna (Schroer) Griffin says:

    My mother, Bessie (Masters) Schroer was a Masters and the great granddaughter of Samuel Oldfield Masters. What was the name of the owner of the Masters Hotel and how was he related to my great great Grandfather Masters? I have been working on my family history for quite a few years but this part of my ancestor’s history has been left out of the information I received from my Aunt Lucille (Masters) Moen. Can You help me out? Thank you!