A Good Pie

“It is better to make a good pie than a poor poem.”  Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I had to laugh when I came across this observation Laura made from her Rocky Ridge Farm. How like her!

A few weeks ago, our family made our annual trip to the Happy Apple Farm in Penrose, Co.  We were surprised to find it closed, but our longtime friend Tony – the owner – let us in anyway.  We had the orchard to ourselves.  The Jonathans were almost ripe, but I like mine more on the tart side anyway.  The raspberries were sweet and except for the bugs, delicious.  The blackberries?  Well, my youngest daughter put them in her first-ever homemade cobbler that night.

Like Laura, I prefer a good pie to a poor poem any day.  Here’s hoping for a good piece of pie at LauraPalooza 2015!

Susan Thurlow

LIWLRA Board Member

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