Did the screen flash by too fast?

When I registered the final screen showing what I selected and the total owed flashed by awfully fast. You should have gotten an e-mail with all the information of what exactly you registered for and you may want to take another look, but if you’ve lost it and want to get back in you can, assuming you registered with the site.

  1. Go to eventbrite.com
  2. Log in with your information (it will send you a link to reset your password if you forgot it)
  3. Hover the cursor on your name next to the smiley face in the top right hand corner, to bring up drop down menu
  4. Click on “My Tickets” which should bring up a page that lists LauraPalooza
  5. You can click on either view order and view tickets to bring up what you want


Again, the tickets are not required, but do have useful information on them.

Watch for more detailed how to information coming to you soon via e-mail

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One comment on “Did the screen flash by too fast?
  1. LauriOH says:

    There’s an Eventbrite app, as well. I had it for a couple concerts. The notice is in there, and I was able to add it to my passbook and calendar in my phone. Everyone has probably figured that out, but I thought I would mention it in case anyone hadn’t.