What Should I Wear?

Melanie and MeWhen I’m coming into a new situation one of my first questions is “What should I wear?” LauraPalooza is a mix of academic conference and Laura Ingalls Wilder fan meet-up so you might be even more confused about what to pack.

Opening Reception

The Opening Reception aka Dime Social aka replacement for the Ice Cream Socials we held in Mankato is at the South Dakota State Art Museum. We encourage people to wear their historic “Laura” clothing. Costumes, bonnets, and aprons are welcome. Old Laura, young Laura, Nellie Oleson, Almanzo, Rose, or anyone else you can think of or even a generic pioneer person are welcome.

If you don’t have or don’t want to bring a costume then just wear something nice. Everyone will be coming off traveling so don’t worry about being dressed up.


During the Conference

Basically the look for attendees is on the casual side of business casual. There will be a handful of people in suits or dresses, but most people will be be wearing nice tops and dress pants or even t-shirts and jeans or shorts.

The most common thing by far is some variation of the Laura Ingalls Wilder t-shirt from any or all homesites paired with jeans, shorts, or pants.

If you do have a costume and want to wear it at sessions too, that’s fine.


I haven’t spent all day in South Dakota State Student Union, but from past experience rooms like this in college spaces tend to be either meat freezer cold or stuffy. Not knowing which way the Union is wear layers and have a sweater available if you get too cold.

Representatives of Homesites PanelPageant

Normally in De Smet during the day I wear Laura t-shirt and shorts. I like to have a sweat suit to slip on over my clothes for the pageant though. It can get chilly after the sun goes down, but the last two years I haven’t needed the sweatshirt at the pageant.  Also make sure you have bug spray and a good shade hat.


It has been rainy during the last month in the Midwest and while I’m sure we’ll have beautiful weather, you may want rain gear.

Check out the 10 Day Forecast.

Sarah S. Uthoff is the main force behind Trundlebed Tales fighting to bring the History, Mystery, Magic and Imagination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and other greats of children’s literature and history to life for a new generation.Attend one of her programs, schedule one yourself, watch her videos, listen to her podcast, and find her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, LinkedIn, and Academia.edu. She is currently President of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. Professionally she is a reference librarian at Kirkwood Community College and director of the Oxford (Iowa) Public Library.



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