Read-along: Golden Years

Chapter  1, Laura Leaves Home: Naomi
Chapter 2, First Day of School: Karen
Chapter 3, One Week: Wendy Corsi Staub
Chapter 4, Sleigh Bells: Eddie Higgins
Chapter 5,  A Stiff Upper Lip: Patty Collins
Chapter 6,  Managing: Annika
Chapter 7, A Knife In The Dark: Deb Stanish
Chapter 8, A Cold Ride: Barb Boustead
Chapter 9, The Superintendent’s Visit: Amanda
Chapter 10, Almanzo Says Good-By: Lauri Goforth
Chapter 11, Jingle Bells: Laura Welser
Chapter 12, East or West, Home is Best: Melanie Stringer
Chapter 13, Springtime: Leslie Sakaguchi
Chapter 14, Holding Down a Claim: Naomi
Chapter 15, Mary Comes Home: Kate the Great
Chapter 16, Summer Days: Sue Poremba
Chapter 17, Breaking the Colts: Sarah
Chapter 18, The Perry School: Laura Welser
Chapter 19, The Brown Poplin: Carrie F.
Chapter 20, Nellie Oleson: Sandra Hume & Erin Blakemore
Chapter 21,  Barnum and Skip: Patty Collins
Chapter 22, Singing School: Naomi Shanks
Chapter 23, Barnum Walks: Sandra Hume & Erin Blakemore
Chapter 24, Almanzo Goes Away: Melanie Fishbane
Chapter 25, The Night Before Christmas: Jaime Brooks
Chapter 26, Teachers’ Examinations: TLynn
Chapter 27, School Days End: Wendy Corsi Staub
Chapter 28, The Cream-Colored Hat: Laura Welser
Chapter 29, Summer Storm: Barb Boustead
Chapter 30, Sunset On The Hill: Daniel Rabe
Chapter 31, Wedding Plans: Wendy McClure
Chapter 32, “Haste To The Wedding”: Sue Poremba
Chapter 33, Little Gray Home In The West: Eddie Higgins

35 comments on “Read-along: Golden Years
  1. TLynn says:

    I’ll take any of the remaining chapters – just let me know which one.

  2. Laura Welser says:

    I have given you Chapter 10, Mary Goes to College. 🙂

  3. Tonia says:

    Hi. I’m getting ready to send over my report on chapter 10 soon. Also, am I doing chapter 13 also?

    Can you send me the link on where to send my report? I’ve lost it somehow.


    • TLynn says:

      Tonia, If you have your report ready on CH 10, if you want you can send it in. Also if you want in return I can do CH13 – or not, doesn’t matter to me. I haven’t done CH 10 yet, so if you have done one it seems like that work shouldn’t be wasted. 🙂 Just reply back, let me know. TLynn

  4. Laura Welser says:

    Tonia, I went back through the comments on the original post about the read-along and my response to yours asking for a chapter was that I was giving you chapter 13 (this was on April 8, I believe). I had already given chapter 10 to TLynn as you can see above. Sorry for the confusion.
    You can send you post to beyondlittlehouse at gmail dot com.

  5. Laura Welser says:

    Tonia, TLynn has offered to do a different chapter since she hadn’t started chapter 10 yet. So you will be up soon. You can email your chapter to beyondlittlehouse at gmail dot com.
    Thanks to TLynn and Tonia! I have updated the chapter list shown on the right.

  6. Kate the Great says:

    Hello! I would like to do Chapters 15, “Mary Comes Home” and 31, “Wedding Plans”.

  7. Melanie says:

    I would love to do Chapter 24: Almanzo Goes Away

  8. Naomi says:

    I’d like chapter 14 if it’s not assigned. And/or any other ones.
    When does all this start?

  9. Sue Poremba says:

    I’ll do Chapters 16 and 32

  10. I’ll do Chapter 3, ONE WEEK, and Chapter 27, School Days’ End. I haven’t been here in awhile…not sure about the timing on this. I’ve missed you all, by the way. Can someone please link me to when we do this and where/how we post?

    • Laura Welser says:

      Wendy, I’ll put you down for Chapters 3 and 27. If you just email your summary to beyondlittlehouse at gmail dot com about the time the chapter before yours is posted that will work out fine. Thanks so much!

  11. Thanks…wait, looking at the dates…some of this was from last May. Has it started yet? Did I miss it? When do we begin with Chapter 1? :::::::::scratching head, feeling very clueless:::::::::

    • Laura Welser says:

      I’m sorry! This page was originally from the last read-along so it contains comments from then too. I didn’t realize that would happen when I updated the page for this time around. Ignore anything from last spring!

  12. Leslie Sakaguchi says:

    Hi, if it’s still available, I’d be happy to do Chapter 17, “Breaking the Colts.” Also, if you have an approximate due date, that would be very helpful. Thanks!

    • Laura Welser says:

      Leslie, Chapter 17 was taken already earlier. Chapter 13: Springtime is still open though. I’ll put you down tentatively, but let me know if it’s okay with you! 🙂

  13. Thanks, Laura! What about the timing? When does this kick off?

    • Laura Welser says:

      Wendy, Chapter 1 is in the works and will hopefully be up within a day or two. After that, we will post a chapter every few days as they come in.

  14. Daniel Rabe says:

    I see there are a couple of chapters left. I would very much like to take one, just let me know. I could do any of them gladly. I am a long, long timer fan of Laura and Almanzo, have visted the sites, etc. – Daniel

    • Laura Welser says:

      Daniel, I just got on the computer and requests had already come in for those two chapters. I have myself down for a couple of chapters and can give one to you. Would you like to do Chapter 30: Sunset on the Hill?

  15. Daniel Rabe says:

    Yes, by all means!
    Let me know what to do.

    • Laura Welser says:

      Great, Daniel. Just read over the last two post about the read-along and they should answer all your questions. We just ask that you submit your summary by the time the chapter before yours has been posted. Have fun!

  16. Naomi says:

    Did my chapter get to you?

  17. Naomi says:

    beyondlitlehouse (no punctuation) AT gmail DOT com?

  18. Naomi says:

    with little spelled correctly….

  19. Leslie Sakaguchi says:

    Hi, I just submitted my chapter (CH. 13) to the gmail address. Please let me know, somehow, if you received it? Thanks!

  20. Just found this site and I’m excited to explore it. One of my goals this year is to read through the Little House series with my children. We finished book 1 and have started the 2nd one. I won’t be able to do the read-a-long that you have going, but I do think it’s a great idea. This are wonderful books and my kids really do enjoy them.

  21. Sandra O'Brien says:

    Just read Sandra Hume and Erin Blakemore’s absolutely hilarious comic sketch on Chapter 20: Nellie Oleson. You two are so funny, you just made my day. Plus you bring back all the excitement I had as a young girl reading that chapter! Please DO this for the Laurapalooza for our entertainment–it would be so funny!