Read-along: Little Town on the Prairie

Just click on any chapter below and it will take you to that chapter summary for the Little Town on the Prairie Read-along!

Chapter 1: Surprise
Chapter 2: Springtime on the Claim
Chapter 3: The Necessary Cat
Chapter 4: The Happy Days
Chapter 5: Working in Town
Chapter 6: The Month of Roses
Chapter 7: Nine Dollars
Chapter 8: Fourth of July
Chapter 9: Blackbirds
Chapter 10: Mary Goes to College
Chapter 11: Miss Wilder Teaches School
Chapter 12: Snug for Winter
Chapter 13: School Days
Chapter 14: Sent Home From School
Chapter 15: The School Board’s Visit
Chapter 16: Name Cards
Chapter 17: The Sociable
Chapter 18: Literaries
Chapter 19: The Whirl of Gaiety
Chapter 20: The Birthday Party
Chapter 21: The Madcap Days
Chapter 22: Unexpected in April
Chapter 23: Schooltime Begins Again
Chapter 24: The School Exhibition
Chapter 25: Unexpected in December

2 comments on “Read-along: Little Town on the Prairie
  1. Zanny says:

    Okay, that was weird, I didn’t get the “your comment is awaiting moderation” notification, and it’s not appearing. Trying again, sorry if it posts twice.

    I think there’s a mistake in the links, I clicked on Chapter 3 (The Necessary Cat) and it takes me to the summary for Chapter 6 (The Month Of Roses). And I can’t find the actual summary for Ch 3.

    • Laura Welser says:

      So sorry! I fixed the Chapter 3 link so you should be able to click on it to go to it now.