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These Happy Golden Years, Chapter 31: Wedding Plans

These Happy Golden Years Read-along – Chapter 31: Wedding Plans

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Little Town on the Prairie, Chapter 21: The Madcap Days

I can’t believe nobody else wanted to do the minstrel show chapter! I am so lucky. As the past several chapter titles will attest, town life has been positively bustling. The sociable! The literaries! The whirl of gaiety! The birthday

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Craft yourself a merry Little House Christmas

From Aunt Eliza’s clove apple in Little House in the Big Woods to the embroidered picture frame Laura stitches in The Long Winter, the Little House books have always made Christmas crafting sound so appealing. But since I’m a lousy

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Whoa Nellie! Reviewing Alison Arngrim's book at last

Is the Nellie Oleson memoir really all that? You bet your petticoats it is!

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All Atwitter for Laurapalooza

As LauraPalooza gears up in a little over a week, here’s how you can keep up with the conference using that fancy new-fangled social media stuff.

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The Long Winter, Chapter 22: Cold and Dark

The house is buried in snow — great! — until the next blizzard blows it away. Ma snaps at Pa for swearing, and Pa discovers that he can’t play the fiddle.

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The Long Winter, Chapter 4: October Blizzard

That’s right, an OCTOBER BLIZZARD. But don’t worry, there are beans and tea.

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The Long Winter, Chapter 3: The Fall of the Year

This chapter is also known as “The One With The Green Pumpkin Pie.” Frost, schmost! Ma knows what to do!

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Miss Kirkus and Her Discoveries (Laura's Editors, Part 1)

Kirkus Reviews, Virginia Kirkus and her contribution to giving a start to Little House books and so many others.

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New Photo Group, and A New Contributor, Too!

Do you have Little House pictures to share?

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