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Pa's Fiddle: America's Music

The grand experience of watching Pa’s fiddle music come to life in Nashville!

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Anniversary of the death of Charles (Pa) Ingalls- June 8

On June 8, 1902 Charles Ingalls passed away in De Smet, South Dakota.  What a life he led, and what a legacy he left behind…as he will be forever remembered as “Pa” Ingalls- frontier settler, fiddle player, story teller, farmer, father and friend.  The

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On the Road to Concord

The tale of finding the Holbrook and Ingalls farms in Concord, Wis. finds a happy ending–thanks to a little help from a Laura friend.

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Would Pa Go For A Subprime Mortgage?

Imagine a world where Mr. Edwards was a mortgage broker.

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Pa's Beard

A short report on Michael Landon’s lack of beard on the TV show.

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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

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Charles Ingalls: Everyone's Pa

It’s time to honor Pa!

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