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Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas Video

Laura Ingalls Wilder has long been associated with Christmas, all the way back to when the series was originally coming out and children looked forward to getting the latest in the series under the tree. Every year the Herbert Hoover

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What special Laura Ingalls Wilder gift did you get for Christmas?

Did you ever receive a special Laura present or do you have one on your gift list for this year?

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Presents for the Laura Fan in Your Life

Suggestions for people looking for presents for their personal Laura Ingalls Wilder fan.

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Time to Think of Christmas

“Then Thanksgiving was past and it was time to think of Christmas.” When do you think it’s time to think of Christmas?

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Please pass the parched corn…

Add a “Little House” tradition to your Thanksgiving celebration!

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Gift Exchange

Join in a fun Little House in-character gift exchange!

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Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas Exhibit

Visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas Tree Exhibit at the Hoover Library.

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A Little House Christmas Swap

There’s just something awfully cozy about the thought of a Little House Christmas, isn’t there? And as the weather has just turned quite chilly in my part of the country, thoughts of Christmas are beginning to fill my head anyway.

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A Little House Christmas Tree

Celebrating Christmas in a Little House way.

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Yes, Mary and Laura, There Is a Santa Claus

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

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