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Protecting their Land: The Ingallses, the Wilders, and the Married Women’s Property Acts

Guest Blog Author: Caroline Fraser A few years ago when I was doing research in De Smet for my forthcoming biography, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder, I was lucky enough to find in the Loftus Store

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The October Blizzard: 131st Anniversary

A weathered look at the Long Winter.

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More on "The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder"

On why the PBS pledge drive in June 2012 is a good thing for the Laura Ingalls Wilder community

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Which Came First, the Song or the Cat?

Captain Jinks. The real story?

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Capable Girl Books

A brief discussion of Laura as part of the capable girl and soap opera themes of the 1930s.

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Ask the Experts: What sickness did Ma have?

A reader asks: What sickness did Ma have during their time in Walnut Grove?

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Little Great Auk

A look at what the Little Great Auk really was

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A New Voice for the Blog

Introduction to another voice on Beyond Little House.

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Whatever Happened to Mary Power?

This question has been a common one over the decades, with not much of an answer available until recent years. Gina Terrana, who has researched the life of Mary Power and published articles on her in the Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Rose Wilder Lane … Who Knew?

Rose Wilder Lane, an article in the New Yorker, and the response it has brought about.

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