Silent Auction

As in 2012, we will have a Little House Silent Auction at LauraPalooza 2015. Would you like to add to your “Laura Collection”? At LauraPalooza 2015 we will be holding our second Silent Auction as a fund raiser for LIWLRA to support our mission and future donations to the Little House® homesites. From the successful 2012 Silent Auction we made a $1000 donation to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum in Mansfield toward their new Archives & Museum building, now under construction. There are two ways you can participate:
  1. Bring a donation (or two or more!) related to our favorite author and book series, or
  2. Bring a little “spending money” for bidding. Only cash and checks are accepted at the Silent Auction.
If you're donating... Please use these tags to label the item(s) with a description and give a starting bid value. You may bundle several related items together in a basket, bag or box.

Suggested Silent Auction Donations, beginning “value” $3 and up:

Antiques from the Little House® books – ex: tin cup, lace collar, slate, buttons, etc.

Editions of the Little House® books or related activity books

Collectibles from the LIW homesites that you may have duplicated

Sunbonnets, suspenders, pioneer clothing (new or gently-used only, please)

Handmade crafts or artwork inspired by the LH books – quilts, carvings, corncob doll, etc.

Holiday ornaments with LH themes

Candies, breads, cookies (boxed/bagged for easy travel snacks)

You may bring your auction donations to the opening reception on Wednesday night, July 15, before the conference begins or when you register on Thursday morning. We will be numbering and adding a checked ribbon to each donation to prep the items for the Silent Auction. Bidding will happen only on Thursday evening and Friday morning. All auction items will be “sold” to the highest bidder and collected on Friday afternoon. You must be present on Friday to participate! If there are leftover items, they can be sold at the minimum suggested price or returned to the donor. Now, what would Laura bring to a Silent Auction? An apple pie? A lace-trimmed hanky? Hope you can join in the fun! Email Connie Ryle Neumann, LauraPalooza 2015 Silent Auction Chairperson, with questions about the auction or about your donations.