Mansfield Trip

Have you been to Mansfield, Missouri? Only 50 miles east of Springfield, it’s a must for anyone who wants to know the farm woman who created the “Little House” books.

  • Wander Rocky Ridge Farm and tour the ten-room farmhouse Laura and Almanzo built, completed in 1911; visit the modern 1928 “Rock House” that Rose built for her parents, where the first books were written; explore the new Museum building, opened in 2016, exhibiting hundreds of Ingalls-Wilder family artifacts
  • Visit the cemetery where Laura, Almanzo, and Rose have been laid to rest
  • Follow a guided walk around Mansfield’s Park Square to visit the Mansfield Area Historic Society Museum, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Branch Library of Wright County, noting buildings and neighbors in town that the Wilders would have known
  • Visit the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and re-created Bakersville town just north of Mansfield to see Ozark farming as it was in the 1890s

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy & Research Association has made special arrangements for the LauraPalooza 2017 attendees to visit Mansfield on the afternoon and evening of Friday, July 14.  

We are especially excited that the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home Association has graciously offered the grounds for a unique after-hours “Evening at Rocky Ridge.”  This Ozark hospitality will include dinner and musical entertainment, available only to our ticketed guests from LauraPalooza.  

The Mansfield Tour ticket includes 

  • a box lunch at the conference hotel
  • entrance to the LIW Home and Museum at Rocky Ridge
  • special guided tours of historic Mansfield
  • guided tour at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • the “Evening at Rocky Ridge.”  

Tickets will be available to purchase at registration with or without chartered transportation. The chartered transport will return guests to the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield that evening. (Should the chartered transport sell out, we will create a waiting list, but we will be unable to add another bus.) 

Because this is a special event in Mansfield, tickets are limited! Tour groups are limited by capacity at all the sites and seating is limited on the chartered transport (bus or vans). 

Costs for Mansfield Trip WITHOUT transport:

$55 (19+)
$30 Half-Pint ticket (ages 7-18)
Free for 6 and under

Bus transportation cost: 

$40 per person