Nearby Attractions

If you’re a fan of Maud Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy series, you’ll be enchanted by the Betsy-Tacy Houses right in Mankato, which will be open for special tours during the conference. They’re less than a mile from the conference site.

In addition, Mankato is in the heart of Laura Ingalls Wilder Country. Tack on a few days and turn the conference into just one stop on an extended Little House trip. Here’s the drive time from Mankato to nearby Laura Ingalls Wilder sites:

Walnut Grove, MN: about two and a half hours

Burr Oak, IA: about three and a half hours (going right through Spring Valley, MN)

Spring Valley, MN: about two and a half hours

De Smet, SD: about five hours (driving right through Walnut Grove)

Pepin, WI: about three and a half hours

To orient yourself, here’s a map with all of the local sites plotted on a map that includes Mankato: TBA

6 comments on “Nearby Attractions
  1. Gayle Keresey says:

    Before the new site, I thought I had read about lodging at Walnut Grove for the optional trip and that it was very limited. I had planned to make a reservation after Christmas, but now I can’t find that information. Did I dream it? πŸ™‚

  2. Amy says:

    Nope, you didn’t dream that. I’m pulling together other options, too, but your best bet for Saturday night is The Wilder Inn in Tracy, Minn. Their number is : (507) 629-3350. I have a wonderful public relations senior who is coordinating housing for us this summer, Kelli, and she’s pulling together a list of places within a 45-mile radius of Walnut Grove that might work for any who are staying over.

    Look for more of those technical details in a downloadable handout coming this week. πŸ™‚

  3. laura whitaker says:

    How long does the play last? One hour – two hours?

  4. Jessica says:

    Head’s up to anyone planning to visit DeSmet and stay in a local hotel: the Super Deluxe Inn charges you to cancel a reservation that you book online. This isn’t disclosed anywhere on their website. There is no way to cancel online. The employee I spoke to also couldn’t tell me how much the charge would be. I think this is unfair and wanted to warn other folks before they ended up in a similar situation.

  5. I. Love. The. Little. House. Books. By. Laura. Ingalls. Wilder. Only.