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Will 2009-2010 be another Long Winter?

The long winter? Could be!

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Little House Traveler

Re-reading Little House Traveler this weekend, I was struck by two particular things: 1. Despite the fact that she presumably had a decent income by the time she made her trip back to South Dakota with Almanzo, Laura was compelled

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LauraPalooza 2010 News

Folks, we’ve got some exciting news on the LP 2010 front. First, we’ve confirmed John E. Miller and Pamela Smith Hill as guest speakers. Miller is the author of at least three books and numerous articles about the Wilder-Lane women

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A Rose in December

All this talk about Rose has again made me reflect on her life. Since I am, indeed, in the researching-and-writing stage of working on a biography of Rose, it’s not hard for me to settle in to thinking about her.

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Rose Wilder Lane … Who Knew?

Rose Wilder Lane, an article in the New Yorker, and the response it has brought about.

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Pie Plant

Pie Plant. What is it and why was it a staple in the homesteader gardens?

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Boys like Laura, too, don't they?

The Little House books…they’re not just for girls!

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Notes on a Mini-LauraPalooza

Beyond Little House connects with Laura and is inspired – LauraPalooza 2010!

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Laura Palooza 2010: Your thoughts?

What are you thoughts on the upcoming LauraPalooza 2010?

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Amy on NPR Talking About Her Book!

Amy Lauters on NPR talking about her book!

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